Peace & Love Initiative aimes at supporting vulnerable individuals living in Ukrainian conflict zone.
The action took place in October and December 2018, it is now re-opened.

To raise funds for a homeless shelter and support center in Avdiivka, Ukraine, in the conflict zone of Eastern Ukraine, I am selling two works of mine, a newspaper (photographs and text) and a short video, with proceeds going to the shelter. The shelter is run by the remarkable Elena Pisareva, whose commitment to helping those in need in her Avdiivka community has been a great inspiration to me.

The money I raise will go to A. helping fund the shelter’s day-to-day operations, B. repairing the building’s roof, which has been damaged by shelling, and C. to help cover treatment costs for Elena Pisareva, who is battling cancer even as she keeps the shelter going.


Statements of Elena who founded the shelter:

I became a pastor in a Protestant church in Avdiivka. It was 2014. At first, I rented a meeting room in the block where we lived; that is where we prayed. The space became our church. Over time, I started renting more rooms on the same floor, where I welcomed people who had nowhere to live. It was 2015. I rented a room for Ira. Then another one for Oksana. Then Tanya came to me and asked for help. She had a small daughter, Kristina. They had to be evacuated from the conflict zone during the worst battles. They returned eight months later. I gave one of the rooms to Tanya’s mother. It is 2019. Two weeks ago, when she [Tanya’s mother] was home alone, she started feeling bad. She was hallucinating. She thought there was someone walking around the flat. She was very scared. She bolted the door. With us, she feels safe. I accepted more people, also alcoholics and drug addicts from the street. They drunk and stole to drink again. Now they are on rehab in the center.

For the first time, the action took place in October and December 2018.
A full documentation covering all the purchased goods from that period, You may find here

The documentation was made by Elena Pisareva in December 2018.

October 2018

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