Reportage commissioned by Polish television, aimed at promoting the action

Peace and Love Initiative
The initiative was aimed at financing activities of a shelter for homeless crisis victims in Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast. The center was run by Elena Pisareva. Jurczak organised a series of crowdfunding campaigns promoted in Polish media nationwide to finance the initiative. The Peace and Love Initiative financed the renovation of the block's floor and roof, the purchase of beds, heaters, a shower, a boiler, mattresses, clothes, bed linen, towels, a refrigerator, kitchen accessories, a washing machine and medications. 15 people lived at the center for more than 5 years.

Documented initiative's purchases.
fb information channel
3d crowdfunding site / November-December 2019
2nd crowdfunding site / May 2019
1st crowdfunding site / October-December 2018

Media about the action:
Gazeta Wyborcza
Radio Kraków
British Journal of Photography
GUP Magazine

Statements of Elena, shelter founder:
I became a pastor in a Protestant church in Avdiivka. It was 2014. At first, I rented a meeting room in the block where we lived; that is where we prayed. The space became our church. Over time, I started renting more rooms on the same floor, where I welcomed people who had nowhere to live. It was 2015. I rented a room for Ira. Then another one for Oksana. Then Tanya came to me and asked for help. She had a small daughter, Kristina. They had to be evacuated from the conflict zone in 2015 during the worst battles. They returned eight months later. I gave one of the rooms to Tanya’s mother lately. It is 2019. Two weeks ago, when she [Tanya’s mother] was home alone, she started feeling bad. She was hallucinating. She thought there was someone walking around the flat. She was very scared. She bolted the door. With us, she feels safe. Thanks to Jan's help I could accept more and more people including alcoholics and drug addicts having no place to live.

Tanya and Kristina with a heater financed by the crowdfunding photographed by Elena Pisareva / December 2018

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