In 2017 & 2018 I was travelling between Ukraine and Poland - staying several times in Avdiivka and Marinka – small towns on the Donetsk suburbs, touching the front line of Eastern Ukraine. I became close to the local community in Avdiivka. Peace & Love Action I undertook aimed at supporting them with the goods they could not have efforded on their own. Thanks to donors, crowd-funding gathered more financial resources, than expected. For now, Peace & Love initiative is completed, but it is to be re-opened sometime in April/May 2019.

Ira (in the left) with new members of the community. This and other photographs below were taken by Elena Pisareva in December 2018 to document things bought thanks to donated money.  


Members of the local community live in simply furnished rooms. All of them are situated in a single tenant block in Avdiivka. Elena Pisareva rents a space in which the community lives. A place which has spontaneously became a kind of rescue-help center. Not-official one but needed. Elena prepared a list of goods, people lack. First of all they needed: heaters, water cattles, electric cookers, beds, wardrobes, towels, and bedding. Most crucial were heaters provided at the beginning of the action. Before crowdfunding was finished, most of the income had been transferred to Elena’s bank account. The money arrived a few days after a martial law had been imposed in 10 Ukrainian districts.



Elena can accept up to 25 people now. Before that 6-7 individuals could have been accommodated there. The local conditions have improved. A full documentation covering all the purchased goods You may find here.

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